3 Must-Know Moving Tips for Hiring Local Movers

Finding Local Movers is never easy, but it’s worth the effort. Local movers can help you move into a new home or office quickly, safely, and efficiently. There are many benefits to hiring these kinds of people to help you with your move. For starters, they have a well rounded team of licensed moving pros, and this means that they will deal with your move just like true professionals would. Plus, they offer a lot of value for money when you hire them for help.

Let’s take a closer look at how hiring local movers can benefit you. By hiring them, you are engaging the experts, the professionals who know the city and the area like the back of their hand. You can be confident that you are paying an honest price for their services, because they will charge the same average price for all of their customers. This means that no matter where you move to in the future, whether it’s from a rental house in Manhattan or a new apartment in Queens, you can count on being charged a fair price by local moving companies.

When you need a little extra help with packing and moving, it can be a real downer having to do it all on your own. It can also be hard knowing where to start, where to put things, and how everything has to match up. This is a huge problem when you are trying to pack your belongings as securely as possible, in such a small space. Hiring local moving services can be the perfect solution for both of these problems. A professional moving company will know exactly where to start, where everything should fit, and will have a plan for how everything should function once it’s in your new home or office.

One thing about moving locally that most people don’t think about is house moving companies charging more than they would for people to just hire local movers from their office. If you were able to see some recent pricing for moving house yourself from your local mover, you might not be so surprised. The cost for loading and unloading a truck, for example, can easily run into the hundreds of dollars. Then you add fuel costs, maintenance, and a few other things onto the bill, and suddenly you’re looking at more than a few hundred dollars for a simple move. You could spend that same amount on moving to a different city, renting a car, or simply buying new furniture. It seems a bit frivolous to go this far for just a few boxes, but when you are faced with the decision to save a few bucks and putting your life and your belongings in jeopardy, saving money is always an easy choice.

Saving money when you hire local movers is also a big tip local movers give to new customers: Know what you’re getting into from the very beginning. Ask about moving insurance and what kind of damage it covers. Find out if there are additional fees that will kick in if there is damage to any personal property while the movers are completing the move. Read over the small print and make sure that you know exactly what you’re agreeing to before you sign anything. That doesn’t mean you need to agree to a moving fee, but you do need to know what you’ll be paying in advance.

Ask the moving company or office manager several questions that relate directly to the safety of the entire moving process. Does the company have a reputation of not having a history of worker’s compensation claims? Are there any past complaints filed with the Better Business Bureau or other agencies? Do the employees pass a background check? These are all important questions that you should have answers to before signing any contract with a local movers.

The second most common way that people try to cut costs with local movers is by using their service for an “average cost” estimate instead of the actual total cost. This is a horrible strategy and one that many companies use because it doesn’t really matter how much the house is actually worth. The average cost method is meant to give the impression that the company is working on commission and the estimate is just a good rough estimate. It’s not. The actual value of your home will likely be much higher than the estimate that’s given and this will have a huge impact on the final price that you pay.

The last big mistake that many people make when hiring local movers is hiring an office that doesn’t have adequate workstations. If you’re hiring two people to pack your home, you need a desk for both of them, along with the proper paperwork and tools for each job. Any office that doesn’t have enough furniture or equipment for two people to pack properly is not a good choice. These are three must-know moving tips that anyone hiring local movers should keep in mind.

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